The SciFi Shop Reimagined & Relaunched

30th November, 2012 at 12:48 PM

It has been a while since our sci-fi shop was closed for maintenance, in fact a good few years. But today The Sci-Fi Shop returns, and with it a brand new design, a brand new web address located at and lots of brand new items for sci-fi fans across the globe to buy. We realise it may be hard to compete with the buying power and selection of the high street sci-fi brands, however we don't want to compete... our plan with the newly launched Sci-Fi Shop is to sell hard to find items, from older stock that isn't available any longer to one off items such as original sci-fi artwork and signed items.

Along with the launch of the shop, we are also introducing a Space Points scheme. Put simply each time you purchase something from The Sci-Fi Shop you earn Space Points. These points can then be redeemed in the future for some exciting and exclusive items. Currently these have yet to be revealed but we are working with some great people to get these items onto our shop.

2012 is ending on an exciting note, but the best is still just around the corner. Next year we already have some fantastic things planned, from exclusive and official merchandise not available anywhere else, to more new websites and lots more coverage of sci-fi throughout the UK and beyond. Until then, enjoy the rest of what 2012 has to offer.

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