Have a SciFi Christmas and a Happy New Year

21st December, 2012 at 1:45 PM

Those of you following us on Facebook (we have over 1000 followers now!) and Twitter will know that we have been asking you all to have a very Sci-Fi Christmas. We have posted photos of Christmas trees that look like Daleks, gingerbread sculptures of the Firefly ship and even an R2-D2 made of snow. We have also supplied our followers with a huge array of ideas to give their Christmas that sci-fi twist - from Star Wars snowflake decorations to baubles that look like Saturn.

So why is having a Sci-Fi Christmas so important to us? Well 2012 has been a turned point for UK Conventions Limited, we have finally taken that step and moved away from being a part-time company to a full-time company with full-time members of staff. We have also secured some big deals which will be announced in 2013. So what better way to celebrate all of this than to make your Christmas a Sci-Fi Christmas. So please join the cause, grab a hot chocolate from your Star Trek replicator and make Christmas 2012 a very special one for sci-fi fans everywhere.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers, partners and website users who have all contributed to make 2012 the best year in our long history. 2013 is set to be huge, but we have had a blast in 2012 and want to see it out with style.

Have a very special Sci-Fi Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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